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Seriously go make a police report give police the bank details that u were told to trf...and change number because I believe even u pay 7times defer they also won't let u off.... I pay 2 times defer and give up..... No point quarrel with them.... I just find that it's too stress and never ending.... Total they tft me $1200 but I only paid them $1100 ( deferred fee )... As long as u changed ur number u won't received anymore message or what's app from them so u won't feel so tense n stress out.... Their payment timing is super irregular 1..... Tell uR NOK do not answer to those unknown number or numbers which is unfamiliar..... Please stop feeding them.... Every payment day they will have lots of reason to ask u defer..... U might not even meet their timing and late payment will occurs depending on the ah long.... It's never ending.... Just take it as a lesson not to borrow any money from UML...
Im making a police report tomorrow...
I guess what worries me most is my kids safety. Stupid action of mine cause my kids the trouble... Today encounter really gave me a knock on my head man... Evil!!
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