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Did he actually say lol when you said you reported to the police?? Haha. Dickhead.

Stop giving criminals money, close your bank account and block them from your phone.

There is no such thing as "deferment" or "fees" or "payment day" or "full payment". All these terms are lies to get more money off you. The more you give, the more they will steal from you. They already had you at the point that you gave your personal details. Everything after that is the extortion. Understand that this is not their money. It's yours so stop funding criminal activity. Don't be part of the problem.

Also, when people visit forums, do they not read previous posts...?
Yup he literally replied LOL! wats app call me a few times i ignore. Then he reply ok my head says give u chance. Next payment no more. Ask me to pay late fees he say i want u to transfer now! Follow now! My god!!! His an asshole. I msg the first ahlong who "pass" my loan to the 2nd asshole, he say not my problem his head different. But at first he literally says my partner... Wtf!!! Turn n twist his story so much... Argh... I guess im the stupid one here uh.. Haiz.. But he gave me a number to call... I read up the threads here saying usually the runners number begins with 8***, but this one his no starts from 94****. I guess they can use any number they like bah.. They happy they use.. 😑😑😑 n the person talking to me, sounds like a malaysian chinese... Hmmmm... N best part while all this drama is going on between me n that 2nd ahlong, a number dunno from where wats app me ask me want to take any loan.. Wah kanasai.. They really work hand in hand to **** people life man..

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