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Tats y it will never end
Ah long are not stupid.... If they know they can't get u, they won't spend effort time and money targeting you.... Unless it's a huge sum of money involved... I have mia for a week so far nothing happen yet..... So it's the fear they are targeting...... So just don't go provoke them... Not worth getting the risk of losing 1 runner to recover the few hundreds dollar..... Just don't give in.... For me I can't confirm they will come splash paint or what it's a gamble I chose rather than every payment day wait for their last min calls or msg... Police can only check and target those account number ... The more report we made the more account they can catch.... It's a way of cutting the roots somehow.... I believe there are a lot of pple owning money or being scam just that they don't have any directions that's why they keep feeding ah long till become their runner...
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