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wont be surprise, console end up like smart phone, every year add one number then launch new one out.

but if possible, i would want sony to invent a strong handheld device that is better than vita, larger display and cpu and gpu is strong enough to run even ps3 games.

then with all the backward compatibility from ps1 - ps3.
If they still want to go for handheld market, either

1) they release a not so powerful one, at most slightly more powerful than switch enough to run indies and some classics and have some exclusive titles, or

2)they should just release a psn store app (or simply release their apps under "sony playstation" developer) on android/ios and release mobile exclusive titles.

The problem with strategy #1 is sony focus is always on graphic fidelity, and their handheld will always lose to phones (iphone x specs >> nintendo switch) no matter how hard they try. Sure phones cost $1000 but they are like a necessity now, handheld consoles are not, at the most $200 is acceptable. Remember they are not nintendo they have a lot of exclusives but no system sellers.

Strategy #2 is more plausible, they don't have to worry about hardware sales, and they can make use of the latest phone specs to churn out better looking games, maybe have a few exclusives on their xperia phones. After all, gamer or not, who doesn't own a phone these days. Then again they probably worried about mobile piracy also...

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