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I just came back from Hongkong. Very cool and fine weather! Here I list down some places one should visit. Of course there are other areas like Elements, Citygate, APM, New Town, Festival Walk, Maritime Square...but what I list below should cover 80% of your shopping needs. Note street markets opening timings - locals markets like Tai Yuen, Apliu open from 7am to 7pm (sometimes to 9pm). Mongkok (Sai Yuen, Tong Choi) closes around 1230am (Sun to Thur), 11pm (Fri-Sat). Temple Street closes 1130pm everyday.

Free wifi Macdonalds, Starbucks, Pacific Coffee, Wanchai/Central MRT, Public Libraries, some Govt areas (schools etc). Note there's usually a limit of 20min free surfing per day.

Prince Edward Fa Yuen St
Shops selling factory-reject goods 50-70% off Polo, Adidas, Nike, EDC, name a few. As far as I can see, the defects are largely negligible small stains, oversewn buttons...etc.

Mongkok Ladies St, Tung Choi, Sai Yeung Choi South St
Typical tourist market. Worth a stroll to while away the night. There's a 4-floor Bossini store at Sai Yeung Choi South St, the top floor sells off-season (read: in-season locally) clothes 40-50% off. There's an Espirit outlet (opposite the Bossini store) if you have no time to visit the larger one at Tung Chung.

Mongkok - SINO CENTRE (along Nathan Rd)
Mostly toys, CD/DVD, watches, game shops. Worth a visit, especially the 2nd-hand DVD shops (Blu-ray HK100-150, brand-new Japan Region2 DVD movies/mtv HK10-40). Most shops close around 9pm, a few as late as 1am.

Mongkok - CTMA CENTRE (along Nathan Rd)
Mostly toy shops. Not very cheap, buy only what you can't find elsewhere. If you can find in Tai Yuen St (Wanchai), it's usually cheaper.

Mongkok - ARGYLE CENTRE (~Bugis Village)
Crazily cheap clothes! 40-50% cheaper than the already-cheap Bugis Village.

Sham Shui Po - Apliu Street
Galore of electronics gadgets, mechanical tools, photo gear. SOME good buys:
a. Monopod (Velbon, Manfrotto, Gitzo, Benro)
b. Batteries (Eneloop HK69, Recyko HK55, Camelion HK50, Uniross HK45), can't find iMedion.
c. Luxeon w/ 12 LEDs headlamp (HK40)
d. Optical Cable 3m (HK45)
e. HDMI Cable 3m (HK48)
f. B&D RTX-1 (HK475)
g. Energizer/Camelion/GP hp chargers using AA batt (HK35)

Sham Shui Po Fuk Wing St
Wholesale toys, ad-hoc shops clearance sales. These places are only cheap when you buy in bulk. Sells singly also, but know your prices before you buy (Tai Yuen St is a good place to compare)

Sham Shui Po Tai Nam, Ki Lung, Yu Chau, Pei Ho, Fuk Wa, Kweilin St
Locals market selling clothes, toys...very similar to the Mongkok night street markets (less souvenirs), but cheaper of course.

Nice place (~People's Park Complex) to stroll around and there's a great restaurant (yu mi jia) selling hongkong cuisine, no svc charge!

Like SLS, many interesting stuff not found locally, and cheaper. SOME good buys:
a. Qnap (TS209 HK1670, TS409 HK2150)
b. USB hub w/ individual on/off switch (HK40)
c. Memory hardcase for SD/miniSD/microSD/MS/MSDuo/M2 cards (HK20)
d. Wii Games (US Version) (~10-15% cheaper)
e. mATX galore (much more variety than Taiwan)
f. HDMI-DVI converter (HK35)
g. all brands of MP4 players .

Wanchai - Tai Yuen St
Largely locals market, but with 6 toy shops usually the lowest prices you can find. You won't find much Gundam HG kits, cos MG kits are only S$30++! Tamiya kits are also way cheaper (25-40%). At the street end you can find a classic HK public toilet.....longkang w flowing water and small amazed what you can see below.

Not worth going unless you absolutely need something from there. Very cramp walkways and a lot of ahbengs....chances are you can already find what you need in Golden (SSP), and cheaper.

Causeway Bay - TIMES SQUARE (~ Ngee Ann City / Adelphi)
A lot of audiophiles shops on the lower levels, restaurants on the upper levels. But look out for warehouse sales at the 14th floor exhibition area. Last year I found mid-range stuff like Timberland at 40-50% off, this year ladies high-end clothes/bags that costs upwards of thousands, 60-80% off!

Many toy shops. Generally not that cheap but on and off some great deals. But if you are short of time, Sino and CTMA will suffice.

Causeway Bay - WINSOR HOUSE
Many types of shops ToysR'us, toys, clothes, 2 floors of computing shops (like Funan). Nothing special here but there's one shop selling Apple stuff (those who knows, HK prices are a lot cheaper)

Tung Chung - CITYGATE
I think I should at least mention it here. Due to the proximity, worth visit only if you have the time. Many outlets stores but you won't miss much as the prices are not really rock bottom, may have a few good buys (my wife bought HK1000 worth of Espirit stuff that would have cost S$400++). There's another Espirit outlet at Mongkok.
10 years already. Revisit my old post for reminder the places to go next week.
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