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I think i will just go to all the options i have... See who can help me better... I approach all three today. Will update u guys yah... Now need to make police report.. Haiz... Anyway, will this assholes hurt my kids? I mean to the extend of hurting my kids..
No, they won't. Realistically, they can't, but they will let you think that they can. Their harassment methods mostly involve sending you threatening messages and scary videos. It's a psychological warfare and you have to win this. First few days after I defaulted, I was very afraid and slept outside my house. One time when he called, I wayang cry a bit and told him that "someone came to my house yesterday" and I begged him not to hurt my family. Wah, the kanina so happy, said ya, he was the one who sent worker as a warning so that I return "his money". Actually nobody came to my house. I just wanted to see if he really surveillance me or not.

Then after that I went on holiday.

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