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If they still want to go for handheld market, either

1) they release a not so powerful one, at most slightly more powerful than switch enough to run indies and some classics and have some exclusive titles, or

2)they should just release a psn store app (or simply release their apps under "sony playstation" developer) on android/ios and release mobile exclusive titles.

The problem with strategy #1 is sony focus is always on graphic fidelity, and their handheld will always lose to phones (iphone x specs >> nintendo switch) no matter how hard they try. Sure phones cost $1000 but they are like a necessity now, handheld consoles are not, at the most $200 is acceptable. Remember they are not nintendo they have a lot of exclusives but no system sellers.

Strategy #2 is more plausible, they don't have to worry about hardware sales, and they can make use of the latest phone specs to churn out better looking games, maybe have a few exclusives on their xperia phones. After all, gamer or not, who doesn't own a phone these days. Then again they probably worried about mobile piracy also...
when the psp come out, it was already competing with the NDS. the psp games never had any huge sales but the psp was selling like hotcakes due to homebrew. fast forward to psp homebrew we can see, nobody cares about it.
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