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Hi, for the PCP, did they call or email you to inform that you have gotten an interview?
Do you mind sharing which PCP you are in now?
And if it is not study first followed by working, then how does it work, meaning you are working and studying at the same time for the PCP programme that you are doing?
Hi hi, sorry I did not realise there was a message posted. In case you're still looking for answers (and thanks kyoji for your two cents too )

They called me first to inform that I have been shortlisted for an interview, and this was followed up with an email for interview details.

I did not get into nursing PCP. The one I shared was merely my interview experience. I got into a different PCP program for an executive role for a non profit industry. It was via direct hire, no bonds involved though I was contracted for 1 year role.

There are many different PCP. Every program will be different. Some are on the job training (which was the one I was doing), some are study first work later like nursing. I can't tell you everything on behalf of WSG as my information might be wrong, but if you take some time to browse through their website thoroughly, the information should be there.
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