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I'm also going to do campervan in south NZ in Dec'18. So I can't really share experience on the trip, but maybe can share a bit on the campervan hunting.
Btw - how many people will there be in your group? If you have max.4, then you'll have many more options than if you need campervan with capacity of 5-6 people (which is my case).

I started by looking at the reviews in site. From there you can see which companies have good review ratings, then you see whether they have the kind of campervan that you have in mind (in terms of capacity and how new their fleet looks like - because the age is closely correlated to the price). You can even use the rankers function of getting direct quotes from the different companies, based on your need (i.e. date, capacity, budget level).

As mentioned by the others earlier, it is indeed expensive (especially during the summer peak season). I do think doing campervan + holiday parks will be more expensive than using normal car + staying in motels.
Aside from the campervan cost (which can be $300+ /day), the holiday parks itself (powered site) would already cost around $100/day (for 4-5 pax, because they count by pax).
I hope this helps in planning a campervan south island trip!
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