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Like. Pulling. Teeth.

Then if he actually NEA doing spotcheck on your flower pots to look for stagnant water how? You've wasted his time, police time and if your flower pot got stagnant water, you kena $200 fine also. Come on la guys, what kind of example are we setting for our children if we everything also call police? Flood also call police, GIRO glitch also call police, blame government. What kind of spineless society are we becoming? Have you not seen the new NDP video? "BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE."

First I remind everyone again, we WILLINGLY gave our personal details to criminals. Why police also sometimes roll their eyes when they get these kinds of reports? It's because they know they will be getting terrified phonecalls from us crying about every other person who walks past our flat. Secondly, SPF can only protect you from PHYSICAL HARASSMENT to your person or your property. NOT from your own feelings and emotions. If you think someone is being suspicious, why don't you stick around a bit and see what they're up to? Or just say a quick hello in passing, see how they react? Strike up a conversation? If he turns out to be your neighbour and actually spends a lot of his time at your void deck (I don't know, some people do that), might be useful to tell him you lost your ID and if he sees any weirdos, to keep a look out. Ta dah! Free surveillance. Tell me one use of calling the police on someone who happens to be hanging at your void deck. It's like calling your plumber when your internet is down. What is the point...

As we've all seen yesterday, some poor, horny guy has gotten himself into big trouble simply for expecting a date. I have a lot more sympathy for him than for most of us here. He did nothing wrong. We, on the other hand, are/were accomplices. You already know that the harassment tactics also like underground guerilla warfare. Hit and run type, done in the cover of darkness when nobody is looking. So gauge your response from there. No need everything also call police. They busy enough taking calls from aunties whose internet is down.
That was what I did 😂 waited for about 20mins when void deck again. Turns out he was waiting for girlfriend only 😂
Agree, it was our mistake and now we pay the price of being have to be alert all the time.
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