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I disagree that it is our mistake. I donít think anyone of us here gave out details to the loansharks if we knew that they would get so dirty. And when they offered the loan, they pretended to be licensed and legitimate. Nobody would stupidly give our details if we knew who we were dealing with.

If you owe the money, pay up. Simple as that. But now, they are going beyond getting back what you owed, and some of us here made enquiries only, we never took their money.

Yes, in theory, nobody would give out their personal details if they knew they were dealing with loansharks. The reality is, we gave our personal details to people we didn't even know...that IS a stupid and costly mistake and it's 100% ours. Who else can you blame? The ah long? Government?

You're still not understanding that there is no such thing as "owe". Or "loan" or "payment day" or "deferment" or, a perennial favourite, "the bank account jam". These things don't exist. This is not an honour system, it's a scam. They don't care how honest you are. They already had you at the point that you happily sent them screenshots of your NRIC. Everything after that is the extortion.

If you owe your friends money, pay up, owe your family, pay up. But if a stranger who has your address asks you to pay back 200% after giving you money, you still want to call this a loan ah?

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