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Yes I wish to know the same too..

Also for simple renovation.. how long does it take to complete for renovation? Renovation cost can deduct form cpf?
You need to define what you consider simple.
I'm talking to my contractor about this as I am collecting the key for my unit next month. But rough timeline would be
1. Defect check and application: done by you and HDB, up to 1 month for HDB to fix any defects.
2. Apply for demolition permit and demolish any walls first if part of your Reno. Application takes about 3 working days, demolishing depends on your contractor.
3. Top up screeding and flooring: HDB can goodwill screed up to 40mm, if you plan on using Vinyl or wood laminate floor. You still need to top up to 50mm though. If you using tiles, then your contractor will.handle this instead. HDB takes up to 2 weeks to do this upon approval I think. If tiles, depends on your contractor.
4. Reno: this one depends on your contractor and hope no delays. I'm doing my kitchen, hacking of kitchen walls, wood laminate flooring and toilets. No inbuilt furniture or feature walls. My contractor says he needs 6 weeks from first day of job start to complete, another ID I asked says need 8 weeks.

So varies depending on what you want to do. CPF only helps covers OCS components of you opted for those.
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