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Yah mine says they are legal... N this stupid person believe.. And land me in this deep ****... Huhuhu. Take here to cover another one, another one dun allow to close acct,defer defer. Make us everyweek also looking for money to pay them... Haiz...
Same thing happen to me. I started with 1 ah long then try to cover the deferment payment by my own money but after a while I can't do by myself so I borrowed with the 2nd one. And the pattern continues. Last week and this week, I am up to the point that I no longer have the money to pay up. They have been calling my husband, my house agent and even my office. Threatening to send men to splash paint and to disturb my office until they terminate me. I have only to blame myself thinking that I can really manage being in debt with Ah longs.
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