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I'm a recent divorcee and only returned to SG after being away for 10 years. I had recently taken custody of my son from my ex-wife due to personal reasons. Plus I currently live in a single room with my son right now so it's not good for him. I was also actually short of 1 month to fulfil the 12 months continuous working history needed to apply for grants.

I wasn't actually planning on applying for the Feb RoF because I technically didn't qualify. I decided to try because I desperately need a place to stay for my son and myself.

I went down to enquire about my case and they encouraged me to try balloting. Managed to get a decent number and the officer helped me appeal for early collection and also appeal for the grant. They were really helpful, going the extra mile to help me. I am truly grateful.

My advise is be friendly and polite, request and don't demand. If you treat people with respect and courtesy, they tend to reciprocate. I worked in service and customer service for over 10 years, I always appreciate it when clients and customers treat me with respect and understanding.
Noted with thanks! Did they do a 2nd assessment for you?
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