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i feel u.. 😟 ahlong called my husband msg him asking me go geylang la. got uncensored video of me la.. maybe u shuld tell ur colleauge to say u r no longer working there. i did just that n the phone call stops.. tell ur colleauge that u have been scam. god willing they will understand.
I also get that kind of insult like I should go Geylang to have money to pay them. I am thankful my office set up is good coz I am alone in the office every day . My colleagues are in the other room. I am the only one who answers the phone. If my LS call and look for me I just say not there or in a meeting. Maybe after a while I would say terminated so they would stop calling. I just pray that these things will be over soon for us and we can move on and learn our lessons.

Thank you.
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