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My LS is so techie. He tried to follow me on IG. Then he uses like 4 numbers to call me and my Husband today. Sending messages using different WhatsApp number saying I should call him or he gets crazy and we will know what is crazy like. Honestly, I get scared because he is doing everything to harrass me up to the point he uses different numbers. He even call my NOK but I just asked her to block and ignore.

Anybody experienced an LS who is as persistent as him?
He only did a Google search on you. My grandfather can do that, it's hardly "techie".

Make sure your social media accounts are private and people who are not friends of your immediate friends can't add you. FB has this function. I'm not sure about IG, I think IG you can definitely make all your photos private. Then do a quick search on Google and other search engines on yourself and various versions of your name which you've ever used online that you can think of and see if you appear anywhere. Do an image search also in case any of your pictures have been cached, then delete/privatize those pictures. Do it for your family if you need to. While I'm on this topic, I want to remind everyone how terrifyingly dangerous it is to put pictures of your children on social media. So don't do it.

He's now trying to get to your contacts to embarrass you. The blitz will last for a while, he's either bored/not enough customers, so very free.

Good luck.
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