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Go thru this chat group and u will see. Most of us are in the same boat.
My case i was enquiring but was force to take. I dare not use the $$ and weekly i trf to them then suddenly one of the day, he trf to my acc $400,i was so mad and angry. I am left with that week only to clear my payment. Closed my acc and make police report. I gave all the details to the no and acc no. Then this monday was suppose to be last payment of the 2nd loan, he defer.. Excuse was no acc number to give to me. Lame excuse. I have to be strong to stand up. And reading all this brother and sister who kena by L/S also, give me a bit more strength to stand up to them. I am staying with my elder sis and they dont know. My NOK is my brother in law. I am just afraid if they knew, i am out of the hse. And raya is coming. My boss know what happen,its my responsible to inform him incase they come to the workplace.he was understanding. But my family is not. This is what i am facing. I can block him from my phone and contact. He can call my workplace and my colleague can help to say i am no longer there but i am worry for the safety of my family.
support from family is important. let them know you have been scam by UML, like you my mistake was to enqiure, nvr imagine they will just ownself transfer.
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