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The play store tv version has a lack of apps. That is what is putting me off from getting a Mi Box 3s international version.

Will sideloading of the apks work for all apps from the tablet/phone version of the play store?

From one of the shopee reviews, someone mentioned that he could not install in the mi box 3s android tv global.
Or maybe he did not try sideloading?

Does the official android box include chrome or firefox in their play store?

For barebones android box, any recommendations?

I'm still undecided between the Mi box or a cheap oem android box, mainly because of the mi box android tv store's shortcomings.
On the subject of sideloading, it is working. I have the 3S which i dislike but somehow, it's working as I am using some third party applications unavailable in the official stores.

The reason why I got a Mibox is due to the simplicity of the entire box, especially on the remote which is very user friendly for the old folks.
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