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Hi all, sorry if this sounds like a noob question...
So while I was looking at what stations are available/ which lines I can use should I purchase the "Kansai WIDE Area" pass, in the website from JR West, I presume those names that I saw in the image, are the stations that is valid for the pass?

1. Are those really all the stations? If you see the station between Kusatsu and Maibara, there are a few stations in between but are not listed with names... And so, anyone has any sites etc that will shows all the stations that this or other Passes comes with?
2. In the legend, there is this "conventional lines", what are those?
3. If I am on a 8 days trip, and I used this pass which is only valid for 5 days, for the rest of the 2-3 days, should I buy those 1 day pass as the days goes on, or would buying a IOCCA be better?
1.. assume you used the west japan railway company website ? there is a PDF link in the website that shows the details and names of all the stations the pass services

2. conventional means non-shinkansen JR lines

3. depends on how much you intend to travel. the IOCCA is like a easilink card ... just saves you the hassle of buying a separate ticket everytime.
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