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Yeah i also saw in another hwz thread that huawei sg told him no international warranty.

Btw, which website are u all buying the matebook x pro from? The cheapest i see is on i think, the price:
1 item(s): S$2,370.78
Estimated Duty: S$191.36
Estimated Shipping:S$31.03
Estimated Total:

Im also very tempted to buy this, seems like the build quality and screen is the best out there
Hey. Yeah, the build quality, screen and its aspect ratio is really tempting. I've also just checked again with Huawei SG and they still cannot confirm if it's coming to SG.

Thank you for contacting Huawei.

Pertaining your inquiry, please be informed that we haven't received any information of new Matebook release in Singapore, please stay tuned on Huawei Singapore Facebook page.
Anyone else have experience with importing laptop from US without warranty? My only worry is that I damn suay and end up DOA or something like that. Really burn $2k.
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