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Encounter the issue of disconnect with a red X on top when my iPhone and watch are separated earlier when I went for a jog.

The separation distance was pretty far and I thought the watch would automatically use the LTE. Instead, it stayed 'disconnect' throughout my run and I missed a couple of WhatsApp messages. I don't think it is the signal being poor at that location, I was in a stadium.

When I made further check by swiping up from the clock page. there was no LTE signal dots on the top left corner.

I am still on 4.3 and yet to update to the latest software.

Needs some views here before I make a trip to Apple Store if it warrants a checks by Apple. Is this normal, or rightfully, it should switch automatically?
Usually, the x will be on for a few seconds after disconnection from phone and will activate LTE BUT sometimes will take longer to activate depending on location and signal. You also can't assume the signal is always strong in that particular location as it's very subjective and also depends on anything blocking the signal or not.

My longest was only around half a minute or so before LTE kicks in and when it happens for that duration, the signal can only be just one dot. 4.3 or even the current 4.3.1 is also the same.

Before you make that Genius Bar appointment, does your issue occur all the time or only at the stadium? If you go elsewhere, does LTE activate? You can do a test by turning off your phone's BT and let the watch run full time LTE (though battery will take a toll) but that's a way to test out before sending it in.
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