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I get admission in NUS and SMU MBA, need to decide by this week. Leaning toward NUS though.

Selling points:
NUS: better career service, more selective admission process/candidates
SMU: more westernized teaching style but internship and electives are to be taken concurrently (internship during office hours and attend classes at night).

Any advice?
Both has its pros and cons:

1.NUS = worldwide university reputation, better ranked MBA programme, 1.5 years means u learn more stuff (important if you are serious about learning academically)

2. SMU = well known for business, 1 year means u forgo less income

Perception-wise, NUS MBA will be harder to get in than SMU MBA.

If I were u: if u didnt do undergrad in NUS, then do NUS MBA, the choice is clear. If u did then change school do SMU MBA? Have a diff uni in ur resume will look better, diff experience and perspective.
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