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lol tanks v cham lah... its a qns of trying not to die/feed but at the same time protect the dmg dealer. lol i kenna farked while using akai when i ulti the enemy away from the team mates where they cld have killed them. hahah damn cham.

tanks also need to know when to engage or disengage... and must aim the correct enemy... lol if ulti/stun enemy tank when enemy adc is nearby means u screwed up big time.... need to use alot of manual targetting.
Tanks die fast if your team's DPS is s*** also, so sometimes not cant help it ...

Also if you are going to die, consider if your side can kill their ADCs or not. If can, for me dying to take their non-tanks out can be worth it. Depends on situation lo. If someone obviously dumb and under farmed, don't protect them no matter how much they kpkb, just not worth it ..
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