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lol i feel u bro. when i use chou and go in cc whole enemy team.... everyone from my team back off... gg liao lol.

tbh hylos is the easiest tank to master now. very direct way of playing. much easier than panda or johnson. loli also another friendly tank to use. single target cc (just pt and click and a huge aoe stun ulti).
ya man. I cant really panda. I think panda really need to read the situation well. Got one time play rank i rmb kena force to choose panda. Luckily we won, i think was my 1st or 2nd time using akai and spinning aimlessly lol. Hylos is really straightforward, lolita just starting to get use to it. Been playing tigreal since middle of last season cos nobody really play tank in master below, at most balmond, whom i think doesnt offer much in crowd control. Until GM when i realise ppl are using johnson as tank, thats y just decided to retire tigreal to replace with hylos.
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