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I got a unit at 107 from RoF. Haven't moved in yet but the last scouting trip I did, supermarket is up and I saw some of the shop houses near it being renovated. Clinics and stuff so it's slowly being populated.

I don't mind walking since it's like the only exercise i get but it looks like about 1.2km walk to the MRT when it opens. I heard the shuttle service wait time is going down as the number of people staying there increases. Plus if I can't get a unit near MRT/town hub, might as well stay at the secondary hub area.

I prefer the eastbrook side cos looks quieter and I like the giant longkang and greenery opposite it. Nice place to take afternoon/evening stroll.
Thanks for that!
Is the supermarket Sheng Shiong like what CherryBee mentioned? Is it a big store? haha

Roughly how long does it take to walk to the Canberra MRT side?
Oh, what shuttle service is there? Where does it go to/from?

Yeah, I saw the forest place across the longkang too. Do you know if there's any plans on what that place would become? Cos the previous time i went, it looked like they are clearing some trees.. but not too sure also.
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