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Thanks for that!
Is the supermarket Sheng Shiong like what CherryBee mentioned? Is it a big store? haha

Roughly how long does it take to walk to the Canberra MRT side?
Oh, what shuttle service is there? Where does it go to/from?

Yeah, I saw the forest place across the longkang too. Do you know if there's any plans on what that place would become? Cos the previous time i went, it looked like they are clearing some trees.. but not too sure also.
Yes, it's the Sheng Shiong. It's quite big, almost entire floor. Looks quite well stocked.

The forest is part of Simpang. I don't think that there is any planned development for the time being but I'm not 100% sure. I think I read somewhere that in the future, it may be developed but probably like after Tengah or something so probably like a decade or 2 later.
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