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no. a few are completed in Q1/Q2/Q3 2019.. I just wanted those cos Canberra is a new area + the temple there.. so yea.. if not now no choice I need to make another site visit this weekend to see those 360+ blks to see each unit again to see which unit to take and which view is the best.. though there is not much view in semb or any area for that matter I just want me bedroom window to be facing some open area and not another blk la.
Mine are only ready by 2021. Hoping that more ppl will prefer those that keys are ready. I still have 37 pax before my turn.
yeah I understand...due to quota I can only choose around 9/15 houses in Canberra now.. oh well, im aredi preparing my mind for semb.. aredi I wanted woodlands but 2 times tried cant get queue number den came fr Canberra also cant get..shud have just applied woodlands again and again till I got it ..
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