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maybe can consider Sun Natura those facing the park..I wanted Canberra too but seem like those better unit all selected all the rest is either too far in and the MRT only ready in queue no. was dont think gonna stand a chance now will be looking more towards Sembawang mrt one with almost same walking distance to MRT if cut across the HDB flat to those left over at Canberra..
Yes yes.. im gonna do the same too.. I just want something walking distance to mrt.. and those units not facing another unit bedroom or so... so I was thinking of 362A and a few others.. between sun natura and sun breeze which one nearer to mrt if we walk? I prefer sun natura cos kinda look like 'condo' style when I see when I pass by in mrt..Haha.

Im going site visit again today after work.. will alight at semb mrt and try to walk to breeze first den natura and calculate the distance and see what they have around there..hahah... canberra have 101,102 and so on.. but that will be ready only Q4 2019.. so also hard.. unless for u, if u willing to get it den get it...still those 101 series is TOO far from mrt and from anywhere.. :/
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