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So, its not advisable to do day trips in Osaka to Kobe, Nara, Kyoto with JR pass and then to Toyko on 5th day? i scared got not many places to go in Tokyo and not going to USJ as well.
not advisable!
it is 3hrs by shinkansen between tokyo and osaka. so u will be spending 6hrs on the train everyday. quite a waste of time, and quite tiring too.

if osaka and USJ is a must, then stay a few days in osaka to visit kyoto and nara as well.

best is of coz to just stick to tokyo and surrounding area, so u dun have to purchase JR pass which is expensive. there are many places in tokyo itself. disney will take u 2 full days already, and the main attractions in tokyo probably 3-4 days at least. and u can do side trips such as a day trip to yokohama, or 2-3 days to hakone and/or lake kawaguchi. nikko is also good for a day or 2.
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