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Quick question whats the benefit of creating an US account over Asia? I dont notice the games being cheaper over at the US store.
No need to create one over another. Create one account for each region. You will want: SG, US, Canada, UK, Japan for starters.

See here for how to create other region accounts:

Note the tips about using just 1 gmail account for multiple regions. Basically, if you have progamer@gmail account set up in gmail, then on playstation just create accounts using progamer+SG@gmail, progamer+US@gmail, progamer+UK@gmail etc. You don't have to create or pre-define all the + accounts in gmail, they will all automatically deliver to the base progamer@gmail account.

To buy things from SG, use SG cc/dc/paypal. To buy from US, Canada, UK, buy PSN prepaid cards from Amazon/PC Game Supply (they charge at face value of the card, no mark up, and deliver the code to you instantly, no physical shipping). To buy from Hong Kong (mainly for Chinese games not available on SG store, mostly Bandai Namco titles), use SG cc. To buy from Japan, no good way (playasia sells the card but high mark up), so Japan account is mostly to download demos of Japanese games.

See first 2 posts here on how to buy psn cards:

After that, just buy from whichever region having sale or having best price, as games are region free. Play all your games on any account of your choice (unless the game is region or account-locked). Recommended to play using 1 account instead of switching around, and best to use account where you intend to subscribe PS+ (since PS+ has cloud save function). Just take note that typically if you buy a game from one region, you have to buy its DLCs from the same region. Check the site for pricing history.

As to why US, that's because US has sale every week and often have better prices. SG only has a good sale like 2 or 3 times a year. And SG has much much fewer titles on the whole store to begin with (especially indie titles, SG only has like 5% of what's on other regions). Note that for Sony's own titles, the day 1 price in SG is usually lower than US, but for games you are waiting for sale, US is a better bet. Canada is mostly identical to US, but often have better price than US, that's why I recommend getting Canada account.
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