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Am in the same situation as many of you here. Likewise I was scammed into this, I honestly thought that I was dealing with a legit institution and the alarm bells started ringing only after I saw they deposited $400 via cash deposit machine.

To make matters worse, I was sacred that I will lose my job and ended up paying a "full" settlement. If only I did a quick online search before I started talking to these f*****s. I have only myself to blame.

When they called and said that I froze their account and asked for more money, I got so angry and told them to f**k off and closed my account and made a police report. So far they have not made any new calls or messages (3 days now), am just waiting for them to call my company HR/post on social media and face the "music". I would rather be terminated and face the embarrassment than allow myself to be blackmailed.

It feels good to know that there are other people facing the same problem as me and that there is a place where I can just share my experience.

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