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With regards to your queries:

Yes, it is definitely an appropriate location for a solo backpacker trip. Personally, contrary to the busy lifestyle of say places like Tokyo or say Taipei (Both are also awesome places too). New Zealand is probably one of those places for those inclined towards a tranquil and serene place as a travel destination. Not as hectic as the tourist-ridden places like I've mentioned above.

There are other appropriate options for travelling in New Zealand other than self-drive. Yeah it will be a bit vexing to be on the move consistently so if you're a fatigue-prone person it might trouble you a fair bit. However it's also possible to hitchhike in New Zealand - Hailing a random stranger for a commute to the desired place of travel. Most locals will be more than willing to hitch you a ride. Bus rides are also other possible option with an abundance in local shuttle companies ferrying you to other major cities and towns. However if you want to go to the outskirts, definitely other options must be sought.

Yes, you can drive a campervan.
oh ok. Never thought of hitchhiking maybe can consider. Been to Taiwan and Japan a few times already. So considering some non asian country.

Will give a thought about traveling NZ.

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