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Hitchhiking might cause much delays to your plan. Like maybe you need to wait for hours before someone is willing to drive you to your next destination, then you are f-up.

Consider self driving, campervan or otherwise. You're not always on the move, most of the time only when you travel places to places? It's not that bad actually. My friend just returned not long, and like travelling with campervan cause don't have to pack/unpack unlike if you stay in motel/hotel/etc.

And if you go city area like queenstown, you can park somewhere and take bus to downtown and walk around instead of driving.

But I'll say it's not exactly cheap, depending on what you want to do (activities), and duration that you will be there. I'll say at min, 12 days else, it's a waste.

True also, will need for a car to come before you can hike a ride.

Your friend also solo NZ ?

For me, first time to NZ, more to taking photos, flying drone taking all the landscape photos. Hope to see aurora. I'm ok with 12 - 14 days to slowly explore.

Understand that NZ is left hand drive, not sure if i can get use to it.

My brother tried driving left hand drive and he got a headache every time he drive. haha
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