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I got denied when i tried to use the the automation lane at Changi yesterday.. had to ask staff to override so that i can enter.. reason being different name in air ticket/passport..

On my passport/nric my name is eg. David Chan ah boy (Christian name / surname / given name

I was told by a Changi check in agent perviously for Chinese name i have to enter in this format Chan ah boy david as surname come first for Chinese.
I follow the instructions enter my details as Chan Ah Boy David for this trip.

How should i enter my name to avoid such issue?
When you buy tickets with ANY airlines, they will ask u to fill 2 names:

Family name (surname Chan)
Given Name (Ur name - rest of ur name)

Whatever u fill in, make sure its exactly same as passport, order jumbled up never mind. But it is a BIG deal if u leave out "David" in your ticket.
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