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Epic trip! Good luck. That is a lot a lot of travelling on public transport (not my thing, i've had enough near death experiences in TH/Vietnam/Cambodia for my lifetime

Please keep the updates coming!
Hey! Not to worry, I did not take a single public bus or intra-city train in TH/Vietnam. I used Grab instead and it was SO AWESOME not being scammed/ripped off. It just makes the whole experience of visiting the tourist attractions much more pleasant. Anyway, the worst part of the journey is actually the Laos-Vietnam bus journey which is 26 hours. I was just 1 seat away from the toilet in bus. Thankfully, this is only 1 in a lifetime trip.

Nice. I hope to be able to do this one day.
It's quite an experience, if i were to summarize the trip from Malaysia to China so far, appetizer will be from Malaysia to Vietnam. China will be the main course. I am curious how long the main course will be.

But unfortunately, in Guilin now, China bans alot of website I used, e.g Google Sheets, Facebook, gmail, imgur, microsoft word online... what a freaking bummer, so the free time I have is spent documenting offline and can only be uploaded after I leave China.
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