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if u need to watch any trailer or teaser or gameplay to convince urself to buy a "naughty dog" game. means u are not confident enough in them.

naughty dog games to me is a must buy whether got trailer or no trailer. they nv fail their game thus far.
That's true for me also - my confidence isn't that high and it doesn't necessarily lead to a definite must buy.

TLOU's plot is great but there are some dumb AI issues I've encountered, for e.g,

1) When you enter a new area or room, the enemies sometimes just stay at their positions and not move until you alert them. Aren't they suppose to move around and be interactive?

2) Also, I once hid inside a room crouching in a corner but very visible to anybody who is going to enter the room. True enough 1 human enemy came in and I was just right in front of him and he totally go past with me undetected.

3) There are also some "infinity loops". At the facility area during the last part, the enemies run around frantically in exactly the same circular manner infinitely.

YouTube a bit and you will find more about the AI issues. At least for me, I'll check out further first though I very much like the first game despite the issues. Because, maybe the AI is still bad?

IMO, nothing wrong with checking out gameplay, trailer, review, etc before PO/purchase/borrow.
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