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Hi, understand there is an option for online or classroom based classes.
1. Any diff in course fees;
2. Online learning offered for all modules or some;
3. What is the % allocation between coursework and exam for each module?
1. I took the MBA in SIM - current course fee ard 32k+ (Took mine when course fees were 28k). Online not too sure.

2. Canít offer much help here.

3. For the SIM route, usual allocation is 50% assignment 50% exams. Minority modules are project work and assignments only. Of course, there is a end year dissertation.
For Birmingham and Strathclyde, i believe is more general - but you can chose more finance related electives.

For Nottingham, there is an option to focus on finance. The title is MBA(Finance).

Disclaimer: This is my understanding when I did my various MBA analysis in 2013.
is this online mba any good? can it open up investment banking and consultancy MBB doors?
i can only do online MBA due to schedule.
any current student or alumni from EBS of heriot watt uni?

when u complete an online MBA, the credentials are the same as classroom.
why does future employer value it lower ?

does mba really open up more doors?
any one with actual experience , post mba?
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