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I managed to open an account with ICBC in Yunnan Lijiang (think it is remote enough) last week while I was on holiday there. They issued me with a debit card which I managed to link to Alipay, WeChat wallet and Didi.

You must have a local mobile number and your passport to do so. They didnít even require a residential address.

I got my Mobile Number from China mobile. 中国移动. Just look for their 营业厅using Baidu 百度地图. They usually open until quite late.

The monthly subscription is about 30 rmb. Just topup your line 手机充值 using Alipay, so that your number will not be terminated once you fail to pay.

Itís easy to check your account balances using their respective mobile apps.

I also checked with BOC, they do not open accounts for foreigners without residential permit, even in Lijiang. Guess this applies countrywide for BOC.

Hope this helps.
Agree totally with account given above. Don't bother with BOC. Firstly, you will need a local number for SMS verification every time you make a transaction and only a Chinese identification card is accepted. ICBC allows foreigners to open accounts using passports and you can ask for the 2FA token instead so you can continue to transact while you are not in China. I checked out both banks and opened an account with ICBC last week. I shall be able to use WeChat and other digital payments the next time I visit China.
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