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Hi All,

Have some questions on the Takayama-Hokuriku as well. Will be visiting Japan in December, flying in and out via Nagoya Airport.

Will be travelling with Family.

Here's the current plan I have.

1st Day: Nagoya
2nd Day: Nagoya (Planning to visit Nabana no Sato)
3rd Day: Takayama (Activate Takayama-Hokuriku Pass)
4th Day: Shirkawago
5th Day: Kanazawa
6th Day: Toyama? (Kurobe Gorge?) <-- Is it covered by the pass?
7th Day: Shinkansen to Osaka (Covered by pass) End of Takayama - Hokuriku Pass
8th Day: Osaka
9th Day: Kyoto
10th Day: Osaka
11th Day: Osaka
12th Day: Nagoya

1) Planning to base at Takayama from Day 3 to Day 6 and make day trip to above mentioned areas. Is the travelling time to long? If so, where will be a better area to base at?

2) On Day 6, is there any other recommendation of where to go that is included in the pass other than Toyama? Is Nagano worth a day trip to see the Snow Monkey?

4) Will be going in Early Dec but would love to experience snow. Any places I should go to boost my chance of experiencing snow?

4) Itinerary is still in the very initial planning and research stage as such most of the things could still be change.
Anyone who traveled on this route or used Takayama-Hokuriku Pass do share any tips or experience! Appreciate all the assistance.

Thanks all!
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