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Yup sure, Actually once you factor in shipment and gst , it is going to above 2K ... but well you canít buy any laptop on the market now with just 2K that has this kind of specs.

3:2 format is great!
Power shouldnít be a problem since it used usbc charging, this means usbc power banks will work as well.

I saw the surface book 2, but itís disgusting that the basic model at 2188 isnít even 8th gen. Same goes for the surface laptop still 7th gen. I might have gone for a surface laptop if it had been a 8th gen.

One thing for sure , even if they sell in Singapore itís not going to be at the price Iím paying....
out of curiosity, did you manage to order from the site? I tried to buy using comgateway and alternative forwarder services (MyUs, etc) and order never goes through. Contacted MS and they told me they wont ship to forwarders; MyUs has separately confirmed this.
So was curious to know if you found a workaround?
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