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Hi all. I just recently ORD in May. I opened up my NS portal one day and I saw that my IPPT window is open and the status is NOT TAKEN.

From my understanding, the window will only open after the first birthday after ORD and my birthday is in Feb. So I thought I can only attempt after my birthday in Feb next year.

I cleared my IPPT last July when my 2nd year window opened and thus I did not attempt any IPPT in 2018.

Seeking opinions on all the lao jiaos here. Can I attempt this IPPT and will there be any monetary incentive to it? Or do I have to wait until next year Feb to attempt for the monetary incentive?

Want to clarify because if can attempt I will do it because now still fit and the incentive is bao jiak hahaha. Thanks in advance everyone!
Cycle 0 is optional but got money.
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