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Being harassed before by one of the so called license money lender.
Claim need to open account. Borrow 200 defer 100 pay 300. Money in and request to return back the day after. Asked them to give account number drag till 6.50pm then reply and want it back by 7pm. Manage to return but claim penalty. 5k.
I cant pay back and block their number. This loanshark threaten to send email and burn my house and keep calling. No choice by to answer. Ls want me to videocall about my naked body or knee down to bark like a dog to plead forgiveness . Becos i block loanshark number.
Don be stupid to do that..... Only $200 they won't spent effort n time on u De...... Harassing u by what's app or message is their everyday SOP..... Cos they are just trying their luck to find potential leg who is afraid of them...... I believe there are many out here own them more than ur amount just like me..... So block and reject their call if not change number.....
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