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bro how much u actually owing from them? they like purposely trying to provoke u back i guess.. reverse pyschology.. they know where to press ur button... So the more irritated u r, u will surely whack one of the runners. since cant get any money from u, they trying to make ur life miserable... Dun fall for that... Self defense if they start to physical abuse, but i doubt so, coz we know they no balls... So verbal abuse n sent people take pic, u wanna whack that person, they will say take pic only what.. u get what j mean? think about ur family aites.
Yeah they play mind game only la..u think they will abduct yr family over few loan shark send me pic of my door and mentioned my parents old Liao now got to suffer for my debts..they trying to scare u..u give in mean u forever at their think abt it.

And stop trying to play tough with police baton..once u whack them u also liable for criminal offence..I Duno how u possess police baton but assault with h weapon is more serious than loanshark harassment u go think abt it..if the runner come just report police..come one runner catch one runner.
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