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Hi folks, planning on going NGO - Takayama in nov. 3.5 days in Nagoya and 3.5days in Takayama. Is it too rush or should i put more days towards Takayama? First time there. Not too sure the traveling distance. Traveling alone!

Day 1: Arrive Nagoya, Nagoya castle, Sakae district (Or port area?)
Day 2: Day trip to Inuyama
Day 3: Day trip to Kiso Valley
Day 4: Moving from Nagoya to Takayama - Hida no Sato in the afternoon OR explore old town, Yatai Kaikan area
Day 5: Day trip to Shiragawa-go
Day 6: Higashiyama walkway, takayama jinya area, Travel back to NGO
Day 7: Morning flight
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