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Seems like after almost 1 year of this thread, the problem still persist. As a tourist to China, better change more cash. There is no money changer in China, only way to change is to go to their bank. And mind you queue can be long with 1 hour.

So far taxi hailing company Didi Chuxing is very good. They accept international credit card. No problem. If only Alipay and Wechat is this easy to set up.

As a occasional tourist, it make no sense to retain a China prepaid card. No sense also to setup bank account there just to visit 5 days. Unless you're a trader making frequent trips.
Agree with this post. The solution will be to bring more cash. With the success of home-grown payment platforms like UnionPay, WeChat Wallet and AliPay in China, Chinese retailers will likely drop Visa, MasterCard and Amex outside of major tourist establishments. As domestic tourists outnumber the foreign market everywhere anyway, there is simply no incentive to offer Visa/MasterCard/Amex. Off the beaten path, the only cashless sytem you will encounter are likely to be only WeChat Wallet, as even UnionPay and AliPay are not so widely accepted by common folk such as taxi drivers and shopkeepers.

Depending on your frequency of visits to China, it may or may not make sense to maintain a WeChat Wallet as in order to support it, you need a linked local mobile number and perhaps a bank account. At this moment, it costs 18RMB monthly to support a pre-paid mobile subscription. Some banks deduct a monthly fee to keep your account open.
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