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Just a quick question.

How to prolong the coatings on the lenses and clean the specs in general?

As I sweat a lot, I tend to wash the specs by running them under warm water when I am bathing once I have come home. And I will dry them using a lint-free cloth. I do this once a day. Is this not recommended? How to clean the specs properly to prevent the hinges and nose pads from oxidation (those green stuff that builds up over time)?

Thanks in advance.
Whatever you are doing right now are all fine. Oxidation is inevitable as when you are washing the frame, the water will seep into the nosepad area with small gaps. Unless you unscrew the nosepad and all and dry them. I recommend whenever you want to service your frame, just go back to your optometrist/optician and let them do the servicing for you! They should be more than happy to see a familiar face coming back to them.
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