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Every week, we are committed to serve highly useful and important tips about web development and and graphic designing for every hardwarezone forumers! We strongly feel that designing is an exclusive art and its part of our social responsibility to share it to everybody; to create a strong awareness about it.

This weekís tutorial is about WordPress which is a popular CMS option for most web developers:

5. Identify Your Target Market with entertaining plugins

Its adviseable to add polls and quizzes plugin to your website. It lets you create fun little quizzes that can pop up on your website. People love quizzes and polls and itís a great way to let visitors interact with your website. This plugin also offers different options to receive Facebook Likes as well.

6. Always Stay on Top of Updates

You can tell when there are updates available from the icon at the top of your WordPress dashboard. Updates for plugins are released very regularly and are often specifically to patch new security vulnerabilities. Hackers usually target sites that havenít been updated for long.

7. Know How Your Website is Performing

There are various kinds of pixels and tracking codes will let you collect data on how your website is performing. For example, conversion data, number of visitors, etc. To do this effectively, itís smart to use a plugin like Tracking Code Manager. Rather than mucking about in multiple pages of code and risk messing something up, this plugin lets you add your code in one place, and it will populate to all your pages.

8. Avoid Using Fancy Image Displays

Please donít use Image sliders/image carousels. You cannot count on users to click through the slides or be patient enough to wait for the carousel to run through all the slides. Additionally, these elements can slow page load times, which not only make for a poor user experience but also negatively impact conversions, lowers the average time on page, and tends to increase bounce rates.

However, if you absolutely cannot avoid using sliders/carousels, try to limit them to three slides as studies show user interaction severely drops off after this number

Part 3 of this tutorial will be continued next weekÖ

The above pointers are the stepping stone towards the construction of a successful website. In a highly competitive internet world, its important that the above strategies are utilized to ensure you are competent.

Cant wait to create your own website or improve the existing one for your company?

Dont hesitate to drop us a mail with your website requirements for a FREE QUOTATION! No Obligations at all!

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