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Penang Day 1 - 1/6/18

Today I started off my maiden journey to travel half the globe starting from Singapore to UK. The schedule has been planned since Feb 2018 to end May 2018, down to the booking of trips and desired attractions to complete. While the plan itself is rigid, it was made after numerous online reference on the preferred number of days to spend at each location. Hence, I get a relatively easy-going plan and at the same time, save cost by booking early, killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

1st day is spent mostly travelling from Singapore to Butterworth with some checkpoints in between. I reached Woodlands train checkpoint at 8a.m and waited for the shuttle train at 8.30.

The train was old and I totally regretted leaning back on the seat. Even though it was just a 15mins ride, the stench from the train was reabsorbed to my sports t-shirt and clung there for the whole day. The train probably shuttled back and forth between Singapore and Johor with scant regard for hygiene.

Had breakfast at KFC at JB Sentral, which had wifi but the speed was probably what you are used to 20 years ago. Breakfast was cheap but only semi-filling, nonetheless it got the job done.

Something familiar helps to make the journey brighter Next was the trip on ETS Gold from JB Sentral to Gemas. This was about 4hr 30mins and I reached the destination on time at 1430hrs.

I could not venture out too far as it was only 30mins of spare time, but managed to some pictures of Gemas Railway Station.

Next was the ETS Gold trip from Gemas to Butterworth. Unlike the shuttle train plying between Singapore and Johor, the ETS Gold trains are well kept, maintained and running at about 140km/hr on cruise.
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