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Hello, was browsing at a spectacle shop... was quoted around 1.6K for a branded (e.g. essilor) progressive lenses - not including frame...vs a local brand lenses only around $500. Such a huge price gap - is it worthwhile to go for branded lenses i.e. is it really superior (e.g. wider angle of vision, smoother transition from short to long distance). Anyone has experience to share on this ? Thanks!
Hi! Adding on to what Eyezoneopticalsg explained, May i also know also what is your degree(estimate) is at the moment? Sometimes apart from the quality of lens, your degree will actually affect the thickness of your glasses and thus usually you be quoted with something that cost more e.g. high index lenses. Regarding the Essilor progressive lenses, the reason why a 1.6k lens is quoted for you probably is due to the you either being quoted the highest tier lenses for the X-Series lenses which is the X-Clusive or perhaps your degree require you to use the higher index lens paired with the other tiers of the X-Series

Were you quoted for Transition and Prevencia too?(blue light filter), one more thing to add on is that for the X-series, should your power be within range, you might consider even using their basic tier which is the X-design which starts at about 700, the X-design is comfortable enough gathering from feedback. But of course you can still go for the slightly cheaper lenses but ultimately, it depends on the level of comfort you ask for and your degree.

X-series comes with 3 tiers 1st-Xclusive(only certain shops have that), Xtrack-2nd and of course the X-Design(3rd).

Hope this helps!
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