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i know can bind anything but there are some actions that must be manual

i always thought provoke must manual

if can key ind i sure do it later
the lesser the keys, the better

nec is good in that
2 auras
2 autocast minons
1 key bind
1 manual press

my problem is the last one is a 400% increase in dmg but i cant cast it cause my key binding is on singular mage which eats up all the essence

to give an eg on how stupid and critical it is,

same gear

1st 75 try - 18 min
2nd 75 try - 17 min
3rd 75 try - 16 min
4th 75 try - 8 mins ( I finally got the clicking spot on)
provoke just constantly cast can liao. dont need care. During battle i also bo eng to really care when provoke give the best result. Just use as they go. Not as if the mana will run out.

necro super mafan like really. I hate playing necro. So paperish. Not good in high gr solo, 1 super archer shot 1 arrow u die liao. Like fark u tiny bitch archer. I cant tahan that lvl of playing. Sibei concentrate. Crus suits me, walk and tank like a boss, hit like a boss, die also die like a boss, 3 lives.
To be continue
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